Munster Music Academy

Instrumental lessons

30 minutes @ 25 euros | 45 mins @ 37.50 euros | 60 minutes @ 50 euros


Theory group class

40 minutes @ 8 euros  | 60 minutes @ 10 euros


Each student receives weekly individual instrumental tuition for 30/45/60 minutes. The progressive curriculum is designed to gradually develop a student's musical skills from the very first stages of starting to learn an instrument onwards. We deliver this through a mixture of individual and ensemble lessons incorporating Kodály ear-training, aural games, singing, improvisation, chamber music playing, creative musicianship, and theory training. At MMA, we place a strong emphasis on the importance of ear training from the very first lesson. Regular aural training cultivates a disciplined and musical ear, and helps to develop the ability both to listen and to hear perceptively. As a result, students can play more musically, play and sing in tune, memorise music, and sight-read more fluently.


children’s choir

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We are delighted to welcome new members from both MMA and externally to join our popular Children’s choir under the creative directorship of Sarah King.  Choir rehearsals take place every Thursday evening during term and cost 30 euros for 10 weeks.

Fees are paid in full at the beginning of each term.

Singing is an essential activity for all musicians. The act of singing enhances the perception of pitch, phrasing and intonation, helping to develop the inner ear and improve sight-reading, not to mention how much fun it is making new friends and learning new songs across all musical genres. Our choirs perform at every concert during the academic year.


parents & practising

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We recognise the highly valuable role which parents play in the success of your child’s positive musical journey, particularly by supporting and organising daily practice schedules at home. We encourage regular contact between parents and our teachers. We look forward to discussing your child's musical education, challenges, and progress at our Parent/Teacher meetings, held at the end of every term.


 Whether you are a beginner clarinet or a mature piano student with no prior musical experience, would not know a treble clef from a crotchet, but possess a long-lasting desire to learn an instrument, trust when we say IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START!. All ages and abilities are encouraged to apply. We can help you in choosing a suitable instrument to learn and advise you in sourcing and purchasing your instrument.


  instrument bank

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 This September to celebrate our tenth anniversary we are launching the Munster Music Academy Instrument Bank. We have a selection of instruments available for you to learn on for free! You only have to pay 20 euros for the insurance policy and the instrument is yours to use for the academic year at MMA. Our instrument bank includes clarinets, a saxophone, and guitar. If you are interested in stepping into the world of brass, we have phenomenal plastic pBONE trombones and trumpets. Instruments are provided on a first-come, first served basis. Don’t delay enquire today on 087-6096736.